Text me saying “I love you, I’m @ the hospital , don’t text back” and I love you?? Yah, I tend to freak out and text back -.- js

Wanna be hers? Stop acting like a dick and be yourself around her.

Wanna be her future? Let go if her past

People change because if their past. Memories, on the other hand just scar you for life

Relationships are meant for two, but some bitches don’t know how to count -.-

In this world, there’s only you and me… Just like the way it should be.

Love him/her and ignore the rest of the world

You don’t hear or spell love… You feel and see it.

No one knows when forever will end or if it had begun, just move with the time for its the second most indescribable word of the human language, after love.

The one thing I would be positive of ALWAYS » loving you